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Saving Lives One Dog At A Time 

Be Kind Living is so excited to be partnering with Alpha K9! They are an incredible organization that rescues dogs from shelters, then trains them as service dogs for veterans who would not otherwise be able to afford a service dog. Alpha K9 is a Combat Disabled Veteran run Non-Profit organization dedicated to the principle of providing highly skilled and effective Service Dogs and Working Dogs to those whose lives depend on them. In 2013 alone, Alpha K9 placed 208 service dogs!

The Veterans

According to the Veterans Administration, 834,463 veterans from OIF/OEF suffer from combat-related PTSD–that's 30%.  Overall there are 10.6 million veterans living with combat-related PTSD. Service Dogs have been proven to be a unique lifesaving tool desperately needed by our Veterans. Service Dogs can cost thousands of dollars for families often living off of a pension or disability check, and they can take over a year to have placed. Decades of military service and real world experience has allowed Alpha K9 team to witness firsthand the difficulties Veterans and those with Emotional Disabilities face. These experiences are the driving force behind the organization and the reason they adhere to the highest standards of training and ethics in the industry.


The Dogs

Throughout the course of our lives there are very few things that people have put their faith and trust in to save lives and highly trained dogs are one of them.  Be it a Military Working Dog looking for explosives on some distant battle field, a Service Dog helping a wounded Veteran or abused child navigate through life,  or a Police Dog securing the streets, these highly trained dogs have been on the front lines defending and serving the people of the United States to not just secure our freedoms but keep us safe.

To date, Alpha K9 has directly rescued over 100 dogs from shelters and rescue groups! They have also offered training to previously adopted dogs already living with veterans so that they could be service dogs for their rescuers!

Willow's Story

Willow was rescued by Katherine and her husband, a veteran struggling with PTSD after his tour in Iraq. Willow had her own PTSD issues from the shelter and whatever had happened to her before, and they were struggling with behavioral issues. This is their story.

We adopted a 1year old Pit bull mix from the shelter. She was a holy terror. We called her bullet butt because she would shoot from one end of the room and back again at top speed. We went to three trainers. (From) the first two we learned a little but their "style" wasn't really working for us. The third we just won't talk about.... I met Terra and Kevin at Cal Expo's "Puppy Show". I never even knew PTSD service dogs existed. I think I spent 2 hours at their table asking questions, talking with Terra and Kevin, and watching Dasco (Kevin's service dog) work. My Fiancé has PTSD from his tour in Iraq. I described everything that he was going through to Kevin, and he explained to me how having a service dog could help. He invited us to come out and just see how our dog would react to a basic temperament test. I thought it was hopeless, but she passed. So after watching Kevin and his crew work with the other dogs there we decided we really liked his direct approach. Let me tell you, they are no nonsense teachers. You will learn a lot. I never knew how much I didn't know about dogs. Progress was quick, once we stopped screwing around and actually did what they said exactly.

To this day I'm amazed at what our dog can do. So are all our friends and family. Willow disproves negative stereotypes about Pit Bulls for every person she meets with her gentle nature and model behavior. We never have to use a leash unless we are required by law. We can even leave our front door open and not worry about her leaving. She is an incredible dog. We are so grateful to everyone at Alpha K9 for giving us the tools to make a our dog so fantastic. My favorite part is that she comes everywhere with us and is so well behaved. We love all the compliments that she gets. We are proud parents. As soon as we get a bigger house we will get another dog and be right back at their doorstep ready to train.

We loved working with AlphaK9 and will go back with our next dog. We recommend them to people all the time. I keep business cards in Willow's vest so when people ask how they can get a dog so well trained I can tell them where to go.


Take Action

You can make a difference.  There are a few options that help support Alpha K9's mission. Whether you are a few blocks away or a few states away there are veterans, first-responders, women and children that desperately need Service Animals.  Every donation, volunteer hour and act of support makes a difference in the life of someone in need.


Like and share AlphaK9 on Facebook to help spread the word about the amazing work they are doing!




Every little bit helps.  Please consider a recurring donation and make sure to check with your employer to see if they match. Alpha K9 is a 501(c)(3) so all donations are tax deductible.

Visit www.alphak9.org to make your tax deductible donation!



It takes a lot to make things work behind the scenes at Alpha K9.  We have all sorts of opportunities from one-time projects to an on-going commitment.

Email Info@AlphaK9.org to learn about local opportunities and sign up today!



Alpha K9 need all sorts of things big and small to help with the care and training of the dogs. Consider the next party that you throw asking everyone to bring a few items to donate!

Cleaning Supplies

  • Bleach
  • Simple Green
  • Odorban
  • Scrubbing pads
  • Magic Erasers
  • Non-Latex Gloves

Dog Specific

  • Stall Mats
  • Flat sided Water buckets
  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • PVC style dog collars

Large Items

  • Industrial shelving
  • Office Color Printer
  • Utility Trailer, Enclosed


Meet Some of the Dogs and Veterans That Have Been Helped by Alpha K9!